As an employer and a career coach, I’ve come to find the current wave of video resumes even more efficient in the recruiting process. Going through all of the resumes I’ve come to encounter over my career, there’s without a doubt that there are clear-cut nuances that make winning resumes stand out from the crowd and gives you that edge before potential employers.

That said, regardless of the level you’re presenting your video resume, winning resumes in the career world demonstrate three principal criteria;


We’re all bound to make mistakes one way or the other, but hey, this isn’t something you’d want to screw up. Write down a script if you must before going on camera. Speak in a clear, easily comprehensible manner. Avoid making grammatical mistakes at all costs.

Watch out for your pronunciation of words. If you’ve got an accent, say Italian, and you’re seeking to get a foreign job, then do not be afraid to make it stick out. Who knows, your employer might just admire that one thing about you and give you the job.

This is something you can’t manifest in the traditional written resume.



Don’t be scared to go big and let your employers know the big results and high success conversions you’ve achieved in your previous jobs. Look, employers want to know that they have a rockstar. Someone who can bring in big results and big check accounts at the end of the day, if not, why else would they be looking to hire?

If you’ve sold products in the past, how much was your revenue? If you’ve worked with a tight budget before, how well did you do? If you’ve held a managerial position previously, how many people were in your care? How much were you able to raise before a given deadline?

All of these are decisive and imperative information that may just make the difference between your video resume and others. Don’t hold back.


In a previous article, we’ve highlighted why it’s a big NO in just plain reading out your resume like it is on your written resume. Don’t ever do that! Video resumes are meant to emphasize who you are and your story.

If you look at it carefully, you’d realize that there’s a big grey area to work with here. You shouldn’t just read out your resume like it’s written on your written resume and at the same time, your video resume should tell your story and a compelling past career progression.

Talk about your growth in your previous jobs and how all of the experience gathered has enriched and made you even better than you were in times past.


A video resume that’s devoid of errors of any kind, a rock star with excellent results to back it up and a fantastic track record till date is one hell of a resume that’s guaranteed to leave your potential employers jaw dropped and mind blown.

So, if you want to take your recruiters from potential employers to your current employers, try out these three winning criteria when making your video resume and you’d definitely be thrilled by the results, and the job offers soon to come your way.


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